Man and woman holding two halves of a toy house illustrate blog "How Does Property Division Work in California?"

How Does Property Division Work in California?

Property division is a fundamental step to navigate during the divorce process. In this post, we explain how property division works and outline the main characteristics of property division in California.  Property Division: the Basics The term “property division” refers to the distribution of property and obligations between spouses at divorce.  Here, property includes everything…

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Closeup of couple holding hands illustrates blog "What Is a Prenuptial Agreement?"

Prenuptial Agreements in California: the Basics

While you may be under the impression that prenuptial agreements are only for the rich and famous, the truth is that more and more average couples are signing “prenups.” Keep reading to learn more. What Is a Prenuptial Agreement? A prenuptial agreement, informally known as a “prenup,” is a written document signed by two people…

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Gavel with cutouts of man, woman, and child illustrate blog "What Is Family Law?"

What Is Family Law?

In our first blog post, we take a closer look at family law, the legal practice area that regulates family relationships such as marriage, divorce, and adoption. Read on to discover more about family law and learn some important details about family law in California. What Is Family Law? As the term suggests, family law…

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